Mexican auto market ends 2016 with never-before-seen sales figures

Mexican auto market ends 2016 with never-before-seen sales figures

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Auto dealers in the Mexican market closed 2016 with strong sales that reached a never before seen figure for a single month in the country’s history. 

According to the Mexican Auto Industry Association (AMIA), 192,567 light trucks and cars were sold during last December. That’s a 19.9% rise from 160,663 units sold same month from 2015.

Through 2016 automakers sold 1,603,672 vehicles in Mexico, a 18.6% increase from 1,351,648 units sold in 2015, also a new record.

Most automakers reached a double-digit growth during last year, being Kia the brand with the highest jump from 11,021 in 2015 to 58,112 in 2016, a 427.3% rise.

Other companies with strong sales growth were Jaguar (46.8%), Hyundai (38.2%), Mercedes Benz (34.4%), Smart (24.3%) and Toyota (23.8%).

On the other hand, Land Rover, Subaru and Isuzu experienced a double-digit fall by 36.9%, 29.1% and 22.1% respectively.  

Nissan remains as top Mexican leader on sales with 401,055 vehicles sold and a 25% market share, followed by General Motors with 308,907 (19.2%); Volkswagen with 247,368 (15.4%); Toyota 104,955 (6.5%) and Fiat Chrysler 103,907 (6.5%). Ford, Honda and Kia hold a 6.2%, 5.5% and 3.6% market share respectively.


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