Mexican auto production surpasses 1.5-million-units milestone in five months

Auto plants established in Mexico built 327,832 vehicles and exported 257,736 of those units during May, the figures represented hikes of 17.3% and 13.9% respectively, according to data from the Mexican Auto Industry Association (AMIA).

Year-to-date production for the first five months of 2017 totaled 1.55 million vehicles, an increase of 14.4% compared to the same period of 2016. 

This is the first time ever auto plants in Mexico surpassed the 1.5-million milestone in less than six months, AMIA officials said. Year-to-date exports totaled 1.24 million units, up 14.5%. 

The United States, main market for Mexican automotive output, received 77.4% of its southern neighbor exports in May. During the first five months of the year 76.6% of exports ended in the U.S.

In May, Mexican vehicles represented a 13.2% of total units sold in the U.S., a figure that increased to 13.7% on a year-to-date basis.


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