Mexican auto sales drop 6.5% in August, year-to-date deliveries still up 0.3%

Mexican auto sales drop 6.5% in August, year-to-date deliveries still up 0.3%

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Mexican auto dealers sold 125,331 light vehicles in the eighth month of 2017, 6.5% less than the 134,043 vehicles delivered in August 2016. Total sales from January through August still represent a 0.3% increase to 990,492 vehicles from 987,663 units sold during the same eight-month period from 2016, according to figures from the Mexican Association of Auto Dealers (AMDA for its acronym in Spanish). 

Nissan, the biggest auto seller in Mexico with a 24.3% market share in August, reported a sales decline of 12.6% to 29,008 units. Year-to-date sales for the Japanese automaker totaled 240,840 vehicles, down 2.6% compared to the same eight-month period of 2016. Its premium brand Infiniti sold 151 units, representing a 16.6% drop. Year-to-date sales totaled 1,266 vehicles or 8.5% less than previous year. 

General Motors, second biggest seller in the country with a 16.5% market share in August, saw its sales sink 15.9% to 20,667 vehicles. Sales from January through August totaled 163,610 units, down 11.2% compared to the same period of 2016. GM figures include those from the brands Chevrolet, GMC, Buick and Cadillac.

Volkswagen retained a 15.6% market share in August with 18,459 vehicles sold, including its brands Audi, Seat and Porsche, a 13.4% decrease compared to same month of 2016. Year-to-date sales totaled 155,004 units, a 3.6% decline.

Toyota kept a 6.8% market share with sales of 8,261 units, representing a 3.1% drop. Year-to-date sales for the Japanese automaker totaled 67,421 cars and light trucks, an increase of 7.5%. Figures from Toyota only include its main brand, Lexus vehicles are not for sale in Mexico.

FCA México, which includes the brands Dodge, Fiat, Chrysler, Jeep, Ram and Mitsubishi, saw another two-digit jump of 13.3% in August to 8,850 units, representing a 6.6% market share. Year-to-date sales increased 6.0% to 65,733 vehicles.

Honda retained a 5.9% market share to sales of 7,661 vehicles, up 1.2% compared to August 2016. Year-to-date sales totaled 58,000 units, up 6.1%. Its luxury brand Acura sold 155 units last month, a 32.0% decrease. Year-to-date sales maintained a 1.9% advance to 1,337 units.

Kia is now the seventh best-selling brand as it holds a 5.6% market share. The Korean automaker sold 7,403 vehicles in August, for a 29.8% hike. Year-to-date sales boosted 60.5% to 55,712 units. Its sister brand Hyundai sold 4,003 units, representing a 23.1% increase and a 2.8% market share. Hyundai’s year-to-date totaled 27,901 vehicles or a 20.9% jump. 

Ford sales sank 17.5% to 7,271 cars and light trucks in August, representing a 5.5% market share. Year-to-date sales totaled 54,116, also a drop of 11.1%. Its luxury brand Lincoln reported sales of 119 units and year-to-date sales of 955 vehicles, figures that represented drops of 34.6% and 36.8% respectively. 

Mazda sold 4,595 vehicles in August, representing a 3.5% market share and an 1.9% increase compared to same month of 2016. Its year-to-date sales saw a small advance of 0.8% to 34,188 units.

French automaker Renault reported sales of 2,574 units in August and 18,508 vehicles during the firsts eight months of 2017, representing an increase of 2.1% and a 2.0% drop respectively. 

On the premium segment, Mercedes-Benz sold 1,384 units in August, up 6.1% compared to same month of 2016. Year-to-date sales remain strong with a 24.8% increase to 10,919 vehicles. Mercedes-Benz figures might differ from those in its global monthly report because the company does not report sales of certain high-end models to AMDA.

BMW sold 1,410 vehicles last month, a 10.4% hike compared to the 1,277 units from August 2016. Year-to-date sales totaled 10,709 vehicles, representing a 16.4% jump. Its subsidiary Mini sold 550 units in August and totaled year-to-date sales of 3,948 vehicles, which meant increases of 11.8% and 7.3% respectively.

Audi sold 1,078 vehicles last month, representing a double-digit drop of 14.5%. Year-to-date sales dropped 8.7% to 9,138 units.


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