Mexican company builds prototypes for Tesla’s electric truck

Mexican company builds prototypes for Tesla’s electric truck

MEXICO - A&P Acoustic & Plastic Solutions is prepared to continue being one of Tesla's suppliers, a company that has requested prototypes for its electric truck, and will also produce molds for Lucid Motors, an electric vehicle developer.

Ararggo Gómez Sierra, executive vice-president of Dina Camiones, explained that in order to be a supplier of this type of company, excellence above 96% is required.

In an interview with T21, he described Tesla's new plant in Nuevo Leon as "good news" and said that the company's sister plant has the capacity to meet a possible increase in its production for this company.

He detailed that for the Tesla Semi (electric truck), the firm has asked them to make the doors and some side parts of the cabin.

"They have some very long periods where they are presented with the engineering and they correct you, which can last months. They have already announced that they are going to start production, but we depend on Tesla's sales team," Gómez Sierra said.

The Tesla Semi has three independent motors that provide instant torque and superior power at any speed so drivers can safely merge and keep up with traffic. Accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 20 seconds, fully charged, and maintain highway-level speeds even on steep grades, to name a few features.

A&P Acoustic & Plastic Solutions is a Mexican corporation dedicated to the manufacture of plastic parts for the automotive, tractor, industrial, construction and home appliance industries, among others.

In addition, it has been a supplier of the company led by Elon Musk for six years and works on vehicle interiors such as radiator supports, trunk moldings and cup holders, to name a few.