Mexican ports handle more than 6 million containers in a year for the first time

Mexican ports handle more than 6 million containers in a year for the first time

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Mexican ports handled more than 6 million twenty-foot containers (TEU) in 2017, it is the first time such milestone is reached in a 12-month period, official figures revealed.

According to the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT), a total 6,375,338 TEU moved through Mexico’s terminals during 2017, which translates into an increase of 12.2% compared to 5,680,483 TEU registered in 2016.

Most goods passed through facilities in the Pacific coast, totaling 4,324,051 units, which compared to the 3,936,638 TEU from the previous year, represent a 9.8% increase.

Manzanillo port remained at the head of the National Port System with 3,830,370 containers served, 9.8% more than the 2,578,822 from 2016. Meanwhile, the Lazaro Cardenas port reached a 3% increase totaling 1,149,079 TEU, compared to 1,115,452 units in 2016.

The Ensenada port, third most important in the Pacific, handled 230,185 containers, 20% more than the 191,708 units from the previous year; Mazatlán managed 48,380 units, up 37%; Guaymas grew 26% with 16,031 containers and, Salina Cruz and Chiapas presented record movements with 2,304 and 47,702 units, respectively, figures never seen before in those precincts.

Meanwhile, ports of the Gulf of Mexico exceeded for the first time the two million containers milestone, totaling 2,051,287 TEU, which means a 17.6% hike compared to 1,743,845 units in 2016.

Veracruz ranked first among the Gulf facilities with 1,117,304 containers, a 15.7% boost compared to 965,294 units from the previous year. The Altamira port, second on the list, saw its activity increase 17.3% totaling 803,222 units.

The third most important port on the east coast is Progreso, which handled 91,318 containers in 2017, 34.6% more than the previous year, while Coatzacoalcos handled 19,992 TEU last year, representing a 38.1% hike. Tuxpan managed to operate 9,180 containers, Puertos Morelos 9,345 and Tampico 926.


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