Mexican regulator issues rules to stimulate competition among electric car charging stations

Despite the growing demand for electrified vehicles, during this year sales of full-electric cars have decreased in Mexico, largely due to the still poor infrastructure for recharging these units. However, according to El Economista, that is about to change.

The Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE), regulatory body of the electricity sector in Mexico has just eliminated the locks that obstructed the expansion of recharging stations, known in the country as “electrolineras”, thanks to the publication of the rules for interested investors to compete to provide such service.

According to Marco A. Mares, author of the report, it is a matter of time for both automotive companies and developers of renewable energy projects to begin to break into this market.

Among the carmakers that will surely be interested in this niche is not only Tesla, but also General Motors and Nissan, whose Bolt and Leaf models respectively have a significant market share in the full-electric car segment in Mexico.



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