Mexican scientists develop safe, non toxic method to generate gas

PyroSmart Mexico, a company from Zacatecas, developed a safe formula to generate gases which can be used for several pyrotechnical applications, such as the aerospace industry, pyrotechnics, manufacturing and automotive sectors. Engineer Eduardo Mantecon, Director of PyroSmart, indicated that the 2015 Mixed Funds program from the National Council of Science and Technology (Conacyt) provided the necessary support to complete this project. He stated that this product is already being used by some Mexican industries and it has pending export plans. The component materials of this formula, are non toxic, while offering maximum safety. The gas generator is concentrated in a capsule, which enables the used to decide the portions to be used, according to the required solution, in such a way that an enormous amount of gases could be generated, or a basic action could be covered. For instance, the aerospace industry would require many capsules to separate the spacecraft parts.