Mexico and Canada sign agreement AEO

Mexico signed, this time with Canada, the third agreement for mutual recognition of its Authorized Economic Operator program (AEO). The exchange of information between the two Countries, will permit to assess the risks related to the supply chain of enterprises, weighed in Aristoteles Nu?0065007a002c head of Mexico’s Tax Authorities (SAT). Mexico currently holds two other mutual recognition agreements, one with the U.S. and one with South Korea, and is looking forward to start a plan of action to set up another multilateral agreement for mutual recognition among countries that participate in The Pacific Alliance (Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile). The AEO certification is an international initiative promoted by The World Customs Organization (WCO) that seeks to provide more visibility and reliability to the parties involved with supply chain for foreign commerce. So far, sixty-nine countries have an AEO program in place. Mexico has established regulations to certify importers, exporters, freight companies, customs agents, and most recently, industrial parks, customs houses, strategic customs posts, parcel and train cargo companies.