Mexico and India agree to invest in energy, aerospace and pharmaceutical sector

Mexico and India have agreed to promote reciprocal investment and expand existing projects within several sectors, such as the steel industry, food sector, pharmaceutical, auto part sector, as well as to consolidate the presence of Mexican firms in India, and promote investment through the new energy reform Mexico has completed recently, so that Indian firms may come here and invest in the creation of renewable energy, stated the President Enrique Peña Nieto. “We look forward to have more cooperation in the aerospace sector, which is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Mexico, where India is a powerhouse and model globally. Likewise, we are promoting technology exchange to enrich the digital strategy program and support a joint laboratory” asserted Peña Nieto in a press statement to the media within the framework of the Official Visit of India’s Prime Minister, Nerendra Modi, in Mexico. Peña Nieto also reports that there is an agreement with India’s Prime Minister to hold reunions among Indian and Mexican officers during this year, in the high-level group meeting about commerce, investment, cooperation and the Binational Commission to further assess the shared vision of the two nations.