Mexico auto sales peak in November, yet remain 5.4% lower than last year

Mexico auto sales peak in November, yet remain 5.4% lower than last year

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Last November, auto dealers in Mexico sold 133,791 new cars and light trucks. The figure represents the highest monthly sales volume in 2018 so far, but still is 5.4% lower than the 141,434 units sold over the same month of 2017.

Year-to-date sales through November are now of 1,279,495 vehicles, down 6.7% compared to sales of 1.37 million units from the same 11-month period of 2017.

In terms of volume, Nissan remains way ahead as the best-selling brand in the country with 28,505 vehicles sold in November and 282,432 throughout the year, which represents a 22.1% market share. However, both sales figures are 14.3% lower compared to their respective periods from a year ago.

Nissan figures do not include those of its premium brand Infiniti, whose sales dropped 10.7% to 158 units in November. Nonetheless, Infiniti year-to-date sales totaled 1,909 vehicles through November, which represents a gain of 8.1%.

General Motors, second best-selling brand in the country with a 16.2% market share, saw its sales decline 4.4% to 24,174 units in November. Its year-to-date sales are now of 206,952 vehicles, down 9.5% compared to 2017.

Volkswagen, which ranks third on a 14% share, posted a 6.1% decline on November sales of 19,005 units including those of its subsidiaries SEAT, Porsche, Audi and Bentley. Year-to-date sales of the German group are now of 179,131 vehicles, down 15.2%.

Toyota, fourth best-selling brand in Mexico with a market share of 7.5%, posted the best results among major automakers, a 13% increase on sales of 10,625 units. The Japanese automaker’s sales from January through November totaled 96,226 vehicles, which represents a 4.5% gain.

In November, KIA reaffirmed its position as the fifth best-selling brand in the country with a market share of 6.7%, just above the 6.2% share of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Sales of the Korean brand increased 8.8% to 8,505 units. Its year-to-date sales totaled 85,917 vehicles, which represents a 9.3% jump.

FCA saw its sales decline 4.5% to 8,108 units, while its year-to-date sales were of 80,695 vehicles, a 11.6% drop compared to same period of 2017.

Honda sales decline of 18.2% was the steepest drop in November sales among major automakers, the Japanese automaker sold 6,552 cars and light trucks during last month. Year-to-date sales totaled 74,895 vehicles, down 4.7%. Honda sales do not include those of its luxury brand Acura, which posted a 14.7% hike on sales of 211 units. Acura year-to-date sales totaled 1,890 units, just two vehicles less than a year ago.

Ford November sales dropped 14.3% to 5,656 vehicles and 14.8% on a year-to-date basis to 62,883 units. Those figures do not include sales of its luxury brand Lincoln, which posted an 8.8% decline of 135 units. However, Lincoln’s year-to-date sales totaled 1,718 vehicles, which represents a 28.1% hike compared to last year.

Mazda, ninth best-selling brand in the country, posted flat November results on sales of 5,966 vehicles. Year-to-date sales of the Japanese automaker totaled 52,057 units, which represents a 7.2% gain.

The top ten ranking ends with Hyundai, whose sales declined 14% in November to 4,307 units. Meanwhile, its year-to-date sales increased 10.2% to 45,525 vehicles. 

In the premium segment Mercedes-Benz leads the ranking on sales of 1,950 vehicles during November and 18,071 units on a year-to-date basis, representing gains of 10.7% and 16% respectively.

BMW follows on November sales of 1,280 vehicles which represents a 1.7% drop. Its year-to-date sales are now of 17,137 units, a 19.6% hike compared to same period of 2017. BMW sales do not include those of its Mini brand, which posted a hike of 24.8% on sales of 625 units. Year-to-date sales of Mini totaled 5,986 vehicles, which represents a 12.8% gain.

Audi sold 1,156 vehicles in November, which represents a steep decline of 24.9%. However, its year-to-date sales of 13,261 units are still 2.1% up.



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