Mexico begins Italian lemon export to US

Mexico begins Italian lemon export to US

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After the Sub-Directorate of Federal Plant Health completed an intensive registration of Italian lemon export packing companies, Mexico started shipping this citrus product to the United States. Shipments will continue until December 5 and the country's goal is to market more than 30,000 tons.

To achieve this, the country had to recruit the traders that met all requirements in a timely manner, as they are responsible for exporting the product legally and in compliance of the strict conditions set by US authorities.

This process began on July 25 this year in Tamaulipas, as this entity produces an average of 90,000 tons of Italian lemon within approximately 4,000 hectares. 65,000 tons of this production are for the juice industry.

Humberto Ramirez Vazquez, head of the Sub-Directorate of Federal Plant Health, said there were only three states in Mexico that sent the fruit packed to the neighboring country: Yucatan, San Luis Potosi, and Tamaulipas.

That's why Tamaulipas is expected to export more than 30,000 tons of Italian lemon to the US in 2016, thus maintaining the exports achieved in 2015.