Mexico could earn 200 to US$300 billion a year in the marijuana industry

Mexico has the opportunity to lead the legal marijuana industry globally, with high economic and social benefits for the country, said James Zaza, CEO of Zaza Financial Group.

“This industry will be valued in Mexico from 200 to US$300 billion per year,” said the businessman, who is considered one of the leaders in the promotion of regulated consumption of marijuana in Canada.

In an interview with Reforma, the businessman said that could be possible not only because the country has the best conditions for growing the plant, but also because there are companies interested in investing in the sector.

He stressed that Mexico has chosen to move as fast as possible, but if this is not done in six months or a year to establish the foundation, they will lose the opportunity and will be seized mainly by the United States and the black market.

The consultant said that if Mexico bets on opening this industry, it will only have benefits and zero risks, as it would eliminate the black market and the locks to produce and export this product.