Mexico could take advantage of the renegotiation of the NAFTA

Electronic commerce and origin regulations are topics that must be included in a NAFTA renegotiation, which could benefit Mexico, asserted the ex-officer for Economic Affairs of the   Mexican Embassy in the U.S., Marco Antonio Ortiz Mena. He underscored the function the entrepreneurial sector and the civil society should have in the analysis of what needs to be added to the agreement in Mexico, as well as in the U.S. and Canada. Larry Rubin, Representative of the Republican Party in Mexico, pointed out that a renegotiation is very likely to occur, and it would take more than 30 months; he said that despite the discourse about Mexico, Donald Trump is aware of how primordial the bilateral relation is. Moreover, Eric Rojo, a retired Colonel from the U.S .Army, remarks that the problem with both nations is about capital and not about borders, therefore “the wall is not a response at all… it is impossible to build, there is not enough money to build it”, but “U.S. has the right, as a nation, to know who is coming into the country”.