Mexico expects US$4 billion investments in clean energies for the year 2032

Towards 2032 the renewable energies industry in Mexico expects investments for US$4 billion and the generation of more than 200,000 jobs, said the president of the Mexican Association of the Photovoltaic Industry (AMIF), Carlos Ortiz.

The representative mentioned that this year the investments in that sector were of around US$2 billion, 45% more when compared to those registered last year.

He repeated that these numbers continue rising and that it’s expected that towards 2032 investment of this kind would reach 4 billion annual dollars, which is why one of the sector’s challenges would be energy storage.  

Storage “decreases energy prices, manages consumption peaks and alleviates the risk of power cuts as a reserve system.”

He also mentioned that every megawatt (MW) of solar energy, which equals 3,000 panels in the country, generates 20 direct jobs, which is why it has the capacity to generate 29,000 well-paid jobs by 2023.

Source: El Economista