Mexico exported US$ 11.55 billion in auto parts to the U.S. during first quarter

During the first quarter 2017, Mexico exported to the U.S. 90% of its auto parts production, which totaled US$ 11.55 billion.

That means a 40% of U.S. imports on this segment were supplied by its Southern neighbor, according to Department of Commerce.

Mexico remains as top auto parts supplier for the U.S. followed by Canada which provides 12.2% of the components. China and Japan are next with 11.3% and 11.0% shares respectively.

Germany, South Korea, United Kingdom and India all together provide less than 20% of the auto parts demanded by the U.S. market.

In Mexico, manufactured exports, which make up 90% of the country’s total exports, were up 9.2% in the first quarter from the year-earlier period at US$ 83.6 billion. More than a third of that was autos and auto parts.


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