Mexico, in Henkel’s global Top Ten

Mexico is one of the top ten most important countries for Henkel worldwide, reporting two-digit increases in sales. Nonetheless, they are going for more, with a US$35 million investment to expand their Toluca headquarters. Oriol Bonaclocha, Mexico and Latin America President, said that they are also working to strengthen their brands, and staying open to new acquisitions. The plant in Toluca, which focuses on manufacturing home care goods, will increase its capacity by 70% this year. According to the Company’s President, the market of home care goods, personal care products, and adhesive products and technologies, has been reactivated in the last 18 months, which has enabled the firm’s growth during 2016. There are five production plants, two distribution centers and corporate offices operating in Mexico at this time with 90% of the production placed in the domestic market, while the rest is shipped to the U.S. and Central American countries.