Mexico is participating in the Aeronautics and Aerospace Fair in Berlin

Mexico is participating in the International Fair of the Aeronautic and Aerospace Industries (ILA) with a business pavilion, with the objective to export products and services within these sectors, valued around UD$12 billion by the year 2020, stated Luis Lizcano, General Director of FEMIA (The Mexican Federation of Aerospace Industries, A.C.). “Our main competitive advantage is the capacity of our people. Mexico is not a low-cost country, it is a better cost country: our prices are not the lowest, but we have the required Industrial capacity with the right qualities to offer the most competitive cost, at least in the North American platform”, said Lizcano. “This is something very attractive for European companies, as the market is currently under expansion, there is an ongoing “boom” in the international aeronautic market which calls for an increase in the capacities of worldwide manufacturers, and Mexico is definitely a good alternative to increase the capacity to become an operational base in North America”, he added. At the 2016 edition of ILA in Berlin, FEMIA is expecting to engage the interest of more foreign companies to come to Mexico, as well as to have the companies present at their business pavilion establish business contacts. “We see there is plenty of interest towards Mexico”, said FEMIA’s General Director.