Mexico joins Nissan Latin America

Mexico joins Nissan Latin America

MEXICO - Nissan Mexicana, Nissan Importers Business Unit (NIBU) and Nissan South America (NSAM) unite their operations under Nissan Latin America.

"Aligning Mexico, South America and NIBU into a single business unit in Latin America will position us to better leverage our extensive manufacturing operations and the strength of our brand to accelerate our performance," said Jérémie Papin, president of Nissan Americas.

He added that there is sustainable growth in the Americas, which is key to a stronger future for Nissan.

Nissan LATAM is part of the Americas region and consists of 39 countries: Mexico (Nissan Mexicana), Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Central America and the Caribbean countries (NIBU) and Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru (NSAM).

"Latin America is a key region for Nissan not only because of its business and production, but also because of the potential for growth and development led by its talented and quality employees.

Nissan LATAM will strengthen the brand's presence in the region, optimize our operations, making them more agile, synergic and competitive, while providing great opportunities for the talents that make up the brand.