Mexico’s auto production, exports reached record figures in March

Mexico’s auto production, exports reached record figures in March

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Mexico's auto production boosted 36.2% in March compared to same month last year, while exports were up 32.7% in the same period, according to figures released by the Mexican Auto Industry Association (AMIA).

Auto plants established in the country produced a record 363,687 cars and light trucks last month and exported 297,571 of those vehicles, AMIA said. 

Exports to the United States, Mexico's top trading partner, hiked 37.8% to total 225,741 units. Meanwhile, exports to Canada were down 0.8% to 24,426 units.

The U.S. market received 75.9% of Mexico's car exports, Canada took 8.2%, Central and South America imported 22,085 Mexican vehicles, a 7.4% share. Europe took 5.1% of the country’s exports, to 15,123 units, while Asia received 2,665 units, that’s 0.9% of Mexican auto production.

During first quarter 2017 Mexico produced a record 943,704 vehicles, a 17.1% hike compared to same period of 2016. Exports totaled 750,162 units, also a record figure and a 14.2% increase.

Exports to the U.S. totaled 568,075 units during the first quarter of 2017, meaning the country took 75.7% of Mexican exports. Canada received 65,547 units, an 8.7% share, while exports to Central and South America reached 54,378 units, a 7.2% share.

Europe imported 38,166 Mexican vehicles during the first quarter, a 5.1% share. Exports for the Asian market totaled 6,473 units, a 0.9% share.


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