Mexico’s auto production increases 5.7% in August; exports down 0.8%

Mexico’s auto production increases 5.7% in August; exports down 0.8%

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Auto assembly plants established in Mexico built 351,855 cars and light trucks during August, 5.7% more units compared to the 332,769 vehicles produced in same month of 2016. Meanwhile, auto exports totaled 260,607 units, a 0.8% decrease compared to the 262,673 vehicles from August 2016, according to figures from the Mexican Auto Industry Association (AMIA for its acronym in Spanish).

From January through August 2017, global automakers built in Mexico 2,522,587 vehicles, a 10.1% increase compared to the 2,291,137 units from the same eight-month period of 2016. On the same year-to-date basis, exports hiked 11.1% to 2,016,997 vehicles.

Both monthly and year-to-date auto production figures set a new record high, according to the AMIA. 

Most Mexican auto exports in August, a total 191,515 units, were shipped to the United States, a 73.5% of total shipments. However, that figure is 6.1% lower compared to the 204,048 cars and light trucks shipped to the U.S. in August 2016. 

Second biggest market, but far behind the U.S., is Canada, which received 25,687 Mexico-made vehicles in August, 9.9% of total. Latin America was the third most important market for Mexico’s auto exports in August with an 8.9% share to 23,260 units.

Europe was the fourth destination for Mexican cars in August with a 5.7% share to 14,728 units. Asia was fifth on the list receiving 2,670 units or 1% of total auto exports from Mexico.

From January through August 2017 Mexico’s auto exports to the U.S. totaled 1,534,137 cars and light trucks, which represented a 76.1% market share and an 11% growth compared to the exports from the first eight months of 2016.

The rest of the list goes as follows: Canada, 8.9% market share to 178,799 units; Latin America, 7.5% share to 150,882 vehicles; Europe, 4.8% to 97,158 cars and light trucks and Asia, 1.1% to 21,493 units.


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