Mexico surpasses China as furniture supplier to the U.S.

Mexico surpasses China as furniture supplier to the U.S.

JALISCO – Production in Jalisco's furniture industry increased by 9% at the end of 2022, after Mexico gained ground over China as an importer in the U.S. market, said Teresa Calderón, president of the Jalisco Furniture Manufacturers Association (Afamjal).

Even though the US economy is expected to face a recession in 2023, the Mexican industry will maintain its growth in said market, up to 6%, as a result of nearshoring and the synergies implemented by the US government and companies with Mexico.

He pointed out that after the COVID-19 pandemic, which affected production chains and tripled the cost of freight from Asia, Mexico positioned itself in the U.S. market, and now U.S. investors are in the process of creating synergies and alliances with Mexican companies, especially small and artisanal ones, to assemble furniture packages for the home and offices.

The Mexican furniture industry is the third largest exporter of chairs in the world, second only to China and Poland.

China continues to lead in furniture manufacturing, by volume, but Mexican quality is already equivalent to Italian quality.

At a press conference, Calderón pointed out that Mexico is the sixth largest furniture exporter globally and the leading exporter in the Americas, ahead of the US and Canada, according to data from the International Trade Center (ITC).

In 2021, which is the latest figure available, it represented exports for US$11 billion, and more than US$150 million at the Jalisco level in 2022.