Mexico to Make Engine Components to Dominate Aviation

The orders list is getting too long for the new generation of engines. So Safran is planning a third plant in collaboration with Albany. The LEAP engine has been requested (or intended orders expressed) for 11,500 units, and Mexico will play a central role in its production. Daniel Parfait, Director General of Safran México, explained “Mexico will be manufacturing key components of an engine that will dominate aviation in the near future.” Both GE and Safran Aircraft Engines added manufacturing capabilities at sites throughout the U.S. and France. But an investment of US$74 million between the two companies will see Mexican workers creating fan blades with an innovative technology: 3-D woven RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) carbon fiber composite. Production is set for 2017 and will create 500 new jobs on site. These Safran recruits will make an average of 20,000 LEAP engine fan blades per year once production is up to speed, estimated for 2021.