Mexico to manufacture No Breaks and UPS for Central America

Mexican firm Complet announced its incursion into Central America by 2017, where it prospects to position stage No Breaks equipments, UPS and regulators made in Mexico in an initial. Jesus Mezquita, Director of Key Accounts for the Company, comments that Complet started out as an  importer of Chinese equipment, but is now a manufacturer in Mexico, due to the increased demand, especially from SME’s who are now actively protecting their equipment against electric shock. He underscored that this company has expansion plans due to the growth potential in countries such as El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Panama, where they are set to offer equipment made in Mexico with superior durability, endurance, and even price, compared to those from Asia. Additionally, the company opened its Complet Solutions division, with the objective of venturing in the machine protection segment, UPS and cloud-based servers, as well as channel capacity.