Mexico will be a leader in the aerospace era in the coming years

Mexico will be a leader in the aerospace era in the coming years

PUEBLA - The Mexican Space Agency has been playing a vital role in the promotion and development of space technology in Mexico.

This was stated by Carlos Duarte Muñoz, general coordinator of Human Capital Formation in the Space Sector of the Mexican Space Agency during his participation in the second day of work of the First Mexican Aerospace Forum held at the UPAEP.

He added that this is thanks to the follow-up of the advances achieved to date and the ongoing projects that are shaping the future of aerospace technology in the country.

From his educational focus at the Mexican Space Agency, Duarte stressed the importance of training young talent to become leaders of the next generation of space developers.

"We are very interested in training young people capable of becoming the leaders of the next generation of space developers," Duarte Muñoz said.

One of the outstanding projects mentioned was the launch of the AztechSat 1 Nanosatellite, which marked the beginning of the training of future aerospace engineers in Mexico. This project was carried out in collaboration with UPAEP, and has been a success in training local talent in space technology.

Duarte also revealed details about the new project under development known as "Constelaciones Aztechsat", which involves five Mexican universities, including UNAM, Universidad Panamericana, Universidad Politécnica de Querétaro and Universidad Aeronáutica de Querétaro and UPAEP.

This project seeks to create a multiplicative effect to foster the development of more space technology experts in Mexico.