Mexico will grow in nearshoring in the next 3 years: DHL

Mexico will grow in nearshoring in the next 3 years: DHL

MEXICO – German firm DHL Express sees strong growth potential for nearshoring in the country over the next three years.

Antonio Arrainz, CEO of DHL Express Mexico, highlighted that Mexico will be very attractive for companies looking to relocate their production centers, due to the disruptions that have occurred in supply chains in recent years.

However, one of the most important challenges facing our country to attract more companies is the issue of the lack of services such as energy.

"Mexico must work on generating the conditions to remain competitive beyond its geographical condition, since other countries such as Vietnam are also extremely attractive," he said at a press conference.

He indicated that companies are rapidly looking for where to settle and for them they are looking for reliable countries.

"We are going to have three years of opportunity with nearshoring, but Mexico has to solve the energy issue," he said.

The executive indicated that the company estimates double-digit growth for this year.

He pointed out that international shipments, especially to the United States, have registered a 20 percent performance, mainly driven by e-commerce and SMEs.

Currently, 80 percent of the company's packages go to and from the U.S., where US$60 million is the logistical cost of transportation.