Mexico’s aerospace industry looks forward to restarting operations

Mexico’s aerospace industry looks forward to restarting operations

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MEXICO — Manufacturers of components for the aeronautical industry want to be considered as an essential activity in order to resume activities as soon as possible.

Luis Lizcano, general director of the Mexican Federation of Aerospace Industries (FEMIA), stated that in Canada and the United States, this sector is considered an essential activity so they did not completely stop their activities during the period of social distancing caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Components such as the doors of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner are manufactured in the country. “The supply chain is global and there are many components that are made in Mexico. There are not many aircraft factories in the world and if one part is missing, you impact everything,” said Lizcano.

There are 370 aeronautical component plants in the country, which directly employ 65,000 people; the Mexican aviation industry manufactures engine parts, fuselage, stabilizers, aerostructures, and landing gears, among others.

The director of the FEMIA stressed as well that during these weeks of suspension of activities, the manufacturers have kept their workforce, since they are highly specialized technical personnel who cannot be easily replaced.

Source: El Universal