Mexico’s attractiveness for investment in clean energy plummets

Mexico’s attractiveness for investment in clean energy plummets

MEXICO – Over the last three years, Mexico has lost its attractiveness for attracting investors in clean energy.

According to the Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index (RECAI) prepared by the firm EY, in 2021 Mexico ranked 33rd out of 40 countries analyzed.

Alfredo Alvarez, lead partner of EY's energy segment, mentioned that the study's methodology evaluates two main factors: a country's natural resources and government policies.

On the environmental side, Mexico is very attractive for the business sector that intends to invest in renewable energies.

"Mexico has the best radiation and wind energy generation capacities in the entire world, thanks to these factors, the country has not decreased further in the RECAI ranking," he said.

The factor that caused the loss of interest in investing in Mexico is the legal and regulatory environment and the uncertainty surrounding respect for the rule of law.

"Mexico has become one of the 10 most attractive countries for investment, but now we have to see who is interested in building a new renewable energy plant in the country," he said.

Source: El Financiero