Millionaire investment is planned for stadiums in Sonora

Millionaire investment is planned for stadiums in Sonora

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SONORA – The Federal Government plans to spend around US$52.million on the purchase of two stadiums that are abandoned in Sonora, in order to establish a couple of academies that are part of the project of the Office of Presidencia para la Promoción y el Desarrollo del Beisbol (Probeis).

The governor of Sonora, Claudia Pavlovich, gave to the head of Probeis, Edgar Gonzalez, the appraisal of the stadiums Hector Espino in Hermosillo and Tomás Oroz Gaytán in Cajeme as part of the plan of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador's government to promote baseball in the country.

"We will have 2 more venues for the Regional Baseball Schools. The cost of both venues is US$55  million with an extension of 16 hectares according to the appraisal," Probeis reported on Twitter.

This year's budget to promote sport through Conade and support amateur athletes who represent Mexico in international competitions will amount to US$89.6 million.

Source: El Imparcial