The Cuzcatlán mining company has invested US$9 million in Oaxaca

OAXACA As of the beginning of its operations in 2011 to date, the company Minera Cuzcatlán, has made an investment of US$9 million in social programs and communities of San José del Progreso, in Oaxaca.

The investment has focused on input supply programs and technical advice for social and / or livestock projects, among others; as well as the communities’ development of specific capacities to generate productive projects that promote employment and development in the region.

The project of breeding and fattening of lambs in the community of El Cuajilote must be highlighted; said project has been successfully promoted by the company since 2016.

The mining company contributes with inputs and technical advice, while the producers contribute the labor force. Additionally, the suppliers of inputs are 100 percent local, also benefiting companies in the region. 

Source: Milenio