MINTH invests US$173.5 million in Aguascalientes

MINTH invests US$173.5 million in Aguascalientes

AGUASCALIENTES - Minth Mexico announced an investment of US$173.5 million in Aguascalientes; this capital deployment is aimed at the construction of two new plants focused on the production of batteries for electric cars and paint processes.

The project is expected to generate approximately 1,600 direct jobs during the various phases of the project.

This expansion underscores Minth's confidence in the local economy and its potential as an epicenter of innovation and manufacturing in the automotive industry.

The facility will be dedicated to the manufacture of crucial components for electric mobility, such as battery housings and aluminum parts, in addition to specializing in advanced paint injection and plastic molding techniques.

Minth's decision to increase its operations in Aguascalientes comes after intensive negotiations and a fruitful tour of state authorities in Asia, where meetings were held with company executives, culminating with the announcement of this significant investment.

Minth executives expressed their interest in continuing to collaborate to ensure the growth and sustainability of its operations in the state.

With this investment, Aguascalientes consolidates its position as a strategic point in the transition to a greener and more sustainable automotive industry, highlighting its fundamental role in the promotion of clean technologies and job creation in the area.