MITRE deems the NAIM as the most viable course of action

The lack of an in-depth aerospace study and the “unnecessary complexity” that will represent operating the Mexico City International Airport (AICM) and the Santa Lucia Air Force Base Num 1 are sufficient aeronautical arguments to avoid its implementation, said the research and development center, MITRE, who reiterated the need to continue the construction of the Mexico City New International Airport (NAIM).

“The new airport, already under construction, would cover the air traffic operational needs of Mexico City for much of the rest of this century,” argued the research and development center. MITRE exposed its position on the non-viability that two terminals could solve the problem of air saturation in central Mexico in the long term.

“The idea that adding tracks automatically equates to higher capacity, regardless of geometry, track configuration, obstacles, airspace and simulations in real time is just wrong.”