Mitsubishi might use Nissan Mexican facilities to grow

Mitsubishi might use Nissan Mexican facilities to grow

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Mitsubishi will lean heavily on resources from the Renault-Nissan Alliance to grow in the United States and China, Chairman Carlos Ghosn said to Japanese media at a press conference in advance of the automaker's annual shareholders meeting.

Ghosn told reporters the company has been unable to expand due to its low resources, but things will change as soon as Mitsubishi starts to explore into the Renault-Nissan "toolbox" of products, technologies and factories.

"We are thinking of using the facilities of Renault or Nissan eventually if it makes sense," he said. Nissan owns three production sites in Mexico, a production facility in Cuernavaca, Morelos, where it builds sedans and pickups, and two facilities in Aguascalientes, an engine plant and an assembly facility.

Government officials from San Luis Potosi offered the land Ford Motor Company returned to the State after it cancelled plans to build an assembly facility, but the Japanese automaker has yet to review the proposal, several Mexican news outlets reported recently.

Last year Nissan took control of Mitsubishi by acquiring a 34% stake in its smaller Japanese rival.


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