Mitsubishi revamps its Mexican operations under the umbrella of Nissan-Renault alliance

As of February, Mitsubishi ends the commercial agreement it had with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and will start operating in Mexico under the umbrella of the Nissan-Renault alliance, which implies a change in strategy.

As part of this new offensive, the Japanese automaker received in the port of Mazatlan a first shipment of 4,870 vehicles of seven different models, with which it will seek to reposition itself in the Mexican market, said to Notimex Jorge Vallejo Sánchez, president and CEO for the company in Mexico.

“At Mitsubishi we are working in a coordinated and orderly manner, trying to rearrange logistics and trying to reach new markets with new projects and products,” said the official, who stressed that for the start of this new stage the company revamped its sales, post sales, marketing and logistics departments.

Vallejo added that the new catalog has three products that will be introduced for the first time to the Mexican market, among which is a hybrid plug-in version of the Outlander SUV, which can run in full electric mode.



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