Monthly sales of electrified vehicles hike 70% in Mexico

Monthly sales of electrified vehicles hike 70% in Mexico

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Sales of electrified vehicles in Mexico hiked 69.8% during February to 1,282 units. The figure comprised 1,265 hybrid and 17 plug-in electric cars, according to the latest figures of the Mexican Auto Industry Association (AMIA).

Total sales in the first two months of 2018 were of 2,255 electrified vehicles (28 electric, 2,227 hybrids), which represents a 67.3% increase compared to the 1,348 units from the same period of 2017. 

Nearly half of sales nationwide took place in the Mexico City and the neighboring state of Mexico, where local governments offer incentives to cab drivers and consumers in general to tackle high levels of air pollution in the Metropolitan region.


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