MEXICONOW MAGAZINE #129’s latest Audio Interview “Moving Your Manufacturing from China to Mexico” features Dan Harris, who heads up Harris Bricken’s China manufacturing practice, Adrián Cisneros Aguilar, who heads up Harris Bricken’s Mexico manufacturing practice, and Alejandra Maldonado, project administrator at INTERMEX, one of Mexico’s leading industrial park, shelter manufacturing, industrial site selection, and logistics companies.

In the 15-minute Audio Interview, Mr. Harris, Mr. Aguilar, and Ms. Maldonado discuss these questions:

• Dan, I understand you will be talking about the “leaving China” part of the moving manufacturing from China to Mexico equation. What is there to say about this? I mean, isn’t this the easy part? What more does someone have to do beyond telling their current China manufacturers or employees that they are leaving?
• How though can you prevent those things?
• Adrian, what business and legal services do international companies wanting to move manufacturing to Mexico usually require?
• Adrian, how different are they from the services usually offered in China to international companies?
• Adrian, is it possible to use shell companies to move manufacturing to Mexico? How are they different from the concept of shelter manufacturing?
• Alejandra, what are the top main reasons to invest in Mexico with a shelter partner?
• Alejandra, is the shelter model made for companies from specific industries or sizes?