Multisector company 3M foresees growth opportunity in Mexico despite new trade rules

The multisector manufacturing company 3M is optimistic about the changes to NAFTA, now known as USMCA, as well as the arrival of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, its directors revealed in a talk with columnist Alberto Aguilar.

According to the new director of the company for Mexico, José Varela, the changes to the rules of origin represent for the company -with 71 years of presence in Mexico- an opportunity to produce here a large part of the supplies that are currently brought from Asia for the automotive industry.

3M aims in the medium term to make Mexico one of the “top five” strategic points worldwide. To this end, the company plans to resume double-digit growth in sales, which it already has in terms of exports.

The company has four manufacturing centers located in San Luis Potosí, Ciudad Juárez, Monterrey and Ensenada.



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