MZT Aerospace Park to inaugurate its first phase in December

MZT Aerospace Park to inaugurate its first phase in December

MAZATLAN, SIN - Phase 1 of the Mazatlan Aerospace Park, which is being built towards the northern exit of the municipality, will be inaugurated in December, informed Lino Suarez Guzman, director of the project.

He said that the objective is to have some groups starting to build industrial buildings at this site by October.

"Three months before the inauguration, you will obviously have to see the placement of the concrete on the avenues, the tree-lined areas, the lighting, the access, which by the way is already very advanced, this area has to be inaugurated by the end of this year with the objective and purpose of having the opening for some groups to start building their industrial warehouses in October", he said.

Suarez Guzman pointed out that this project has grown too much, both in expansion and investment, from the initial 68 hectares there are now 203 and as for the investment only the runway will have a cost of US$100 million.

He acknowledged that the progress has been off schedule due to this reason, so the project has been reengineered and the delivery will be in stages.

"We are already in a stage of consolidating what we have at this moment, it is a pause in the growth because we have already reached a very important level and evidently what we have to dedicate and focus our efforts now is to finish phase 1 and phase 2, and then think about the next expansion", he mentioned.