Navistar produces first 100% electric truck in Mexico

Navistar produces first 100% electric truck in Mexico

ESCOBEDO, NL – The production center of heavy-duty vehicle assembler Navistar, better known as the Escobedo Plant, in the state of Nuevo Leon announced the production of its eMV vehicle on Mexican soil.

According to the company, the eMV combines the company's decades of experience in medium trucks, technology and infrastructure to offer a fully integrated, electrified powertrain, the perfect solution for customers.

The eMV unit is a 100 percent battery electric vehicle (BEV). Production began in August 2021 at the Escobedo Plant and it is already available for sale in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

The first delivery was in Canada for the utility company ENMAX in 2022. The first vehicles delivered in the United States were for the leasing company Penske on April 20.

The results of Navistar's studies show that battery electric vehicles will be competitive with diesel-powered vehicles in every key metric, across all applications, as well as in total cost of ownership.

The International® eMV is an example of social innovation in product development that contributes to solutions to address climate change. As a zero-emission vehicle, it reduces the negative impact on the environment.

Located in Nuevo Leon, the Escobedo Plant (PE) is Navistar's largest in the world. Since its opening in 1998 to date, it has produced more than 850,000 commercial vehicles.

The plant also produces the best point-to-point tractor, the LT®, which has allowed International® to be the fastest growing brand in the heavy transport market in the country.