Nemak, GIS and Rassini would win with the changes in the NAFTA

Analysts prospect factories will be using more regional content after the NAFTA renegotiation and this factor would position Nemak, Grupo Industrial Saltillo (GIS) and Rassini among the most favored corporations, as they supply 80% of their production to the North American zone. For Nemak, this factor is possible, as its EBITDA might reach US$842 million in 2020, according to analysts’ estimations. GIS would reach US$164 million in 2020, with the auto parts division supporting companies’ growth, mainly due to the acquisition of Infun and also because of the recent disinvestment of Calorex, to have a better general balance. Rassini will have an estimated EBITDA of US$208 million by 2020.