Nescafé to open 20 coffee shops in Mexico so as to gain market share

Nescafé to open 20 coffee shops in Mexico so as to gain market share

Between 2018 and 2019, Nestlé, in alliance with the Mexican restaurant operator CMR, is looking to open at least 20 Nescafé coffee shops in areas where it can compete with the leading chains of the sector, where Starbucks accounts for almost half of the market.

By the end of 2018, the Swiss company expects to close with 10 coffee shops, which include the six that are currently operating in Mexico City, two in Reforma, one in Polanco, two in Insurgentes Sur and another in Avenida El Rosario. Among the remaining openings for this year, one is expected to start operating at the Mexico City International Airport. By 2019, 12 coffee shops are to be opened.

“We want to find the right location and the right menu. We believe that with this concept we can compete, that’s why we opened in Reforma, a competitive location where all the renowned coffee shops of our competitors are,” said Philipp Navratil, vice president of Cafés y Bebidas of Nestlé México.

According to Navratil, the plan is to start in Mexico City and, from there, the company will gradually spread out to important Mexican cities.


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