Nestlé open to generating more business links with Latin America

Nestlé does not close off to the possibility of generating more business links with Latin America, even right now, as it focuses on the expansion of a recently acquired organic snack maker, according to a senior executive at the Swiss company.

“We constantly explore new opportunities,” said Laurent Freixe, who leads Nestlé’s business in America. “There are always some companies that are under scrutiny, but at this time we do not have any agreement under the radar.”

In addition, due to the weakening of some Latin American currencies, such as the Mexican peso, against the dollar, “assets are now cheaper in currencies,” the executive added in an interview in Uruguay.

The region will likely create a series of food companies that could become brands that generate several hundred million dollars in annual sales, Freixe said.

In regards to the recently signed USMCA, the CEO of Nestlé at Zone Americas said that the treaty “augurs well for the future of Mexico”.