Nestlé to invest US$ 154 million to build coffee-processing plant in Veracruz

Swiss food and drinks producer Nestlé plans to invest US$154 million in a coffee-processing plant in Veracruz, company officials announced at a meeting with president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

The new facility will feature next-generation technology to reduce the amount of water and energy to process 20,000 tons of beans a year.

The project will initially create 250 direct jobs with the potential to increase to 1,200 when fully operational, said Fausto Costa, executive president of Nestlé Mexico

Nestlé said in a statement that it annually purchases roughly US$94 million in coffee beans from more than 10,000 growers in Veracruz.

This is the first major investment announced by a foreign company since Lopez Obrador took office on December 1st.



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