New industrial park will generate two thousand jobs in Sonora

New industrial park will generate two thousand jobs in Sonora

CIUDAD OBREGON, SON – The construction of the Industrial Park in Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, will generate approximately 2,400 direct and indirect jobs, informed the Minister of Economic Development in Cajeme, Fernando Durazo Picos.

The complex will be located next to the International Airport of Ciudad Obregon (AICO), south of the city.

Durazo Picos explained that the upcoming zone is in the feasibility studies phase. However, once the urban infrastructure work begins, 200 direct jobs and 1,000 indirect jobs will be generated.

For its part, the industrial park in Cd. Obregon will have a labor force equal to or greater than 200 in its construction stage.

Regarding the type of companies that will be installed in these industrial spaces, the official explained that in the south of the city there has always been the possibility for anyone who wants to settle.

In contrast, the new airport industrial park is aimed at more specific companies that want to use the airspace for their needs.

"The new industrial park in Obregon, is a special twist, it is a modality for companies that are convenient for them to be next to the airport," Durazo pointed out.

About this, he added that interested firms will be able to fly high value and small size products and that is the purpose. Therefore, they will have to present their airport needs to the Ministry.

Construction will be carried out in stages and, although there is still no projection of how many jobs each industrial building will generate once completed, authorities consider it positive that there will be more work spaces.