Nissan starts production of Sentra 2024 in Aguascalientes

Nissan starts production of Sentra 2024 in Aguascalientes

AGUASCALIENTES - Nissan Mexicana made official the start of production of the new Nissan Sentra 2024, the brand's flagship vehicle and one of the sedans preferred by drivers thanks to its avant-garde design, performance and extraordinary level of equipment.

Through a press release, the company said that the Nissan Sentra 2024 model represents the brand's commitment to offer captivating proposals that go beyond the characteristics of the segment, exceeding customer expectations.

Produced at the Aguascalientes A2 plant, Nissan Sentra combines the best of Mexican manufacturing and the brand's Japanese DNA in an iconic vehicle, whose more than 500,000 units sold over 25 years of history attest to the success this sedan has achieved, hand in hand with quality, technology and a unique design.

"Nissan Sentra is a vehicle that has managed to remain at the forefront in its different generations, being one of the models that customers most frequently associate with the brand," said Rodrigo Centeno, president of Nissan Mexicana.

With this update, Nissan Sentra remains true to its tradition of providing exciting driving experiences, with a dynamic and attractive appearance that is renewed to continue to captivate enthusiasts of this model.

"Without a doubt, this vehicle is a testimony of dedication to the trajectory and innovation that provides exceptional mobility solutions to our customers," he added.