Nissan builds NP300 Frontier variant for Renault at Cuernavaca plant

Nissan builds NP300 Frontier variant for Renault at Cuernavaca plant

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The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance announced plans to speed up the convergence between the three companies on how they work in key areas, as part of a broader plan to deliver cost savings and boost profits.

The plan implies the launch of multiple projects to accelerate convergence in key operational sectors including Engineering, Manufacturing, Purchasing, Quality & Total Customer Satisfaction (TCS), Aftersales and Business Development at the world’s largest automotive alliance.

“We are accelerating convergence to support our member companies with rising synergies,” said in a statement Carlos Ghosn, Renault head and chairman and chief executive of the alliance.

“The Alliance will turbo-charge the performance and growth of its member companies, while preserving the autonomy and distinct strategies of Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors,” added Ghosn.

As part of the plan, one of Nissan’s Mexican plants has already started production of a new variant of the NP300 Frontier -or Navara as it is known in other markets- with the nameplate of Alaskan for its partner Renault.

The president of Renault Mexico, Erik Pasquier, confirmed that the production began at the end of last year at the Nissan plant in Civac, Morelos, with the intention of exporting it to Colombia.

He added that the production of the vehicle had a delay of approximately one year, since it was originally planned to begin in the second half of 2016.

However, the manager refused to give more details such as the volume of production, or if it is planned to export it to other countries in the near future.


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