Nissan excels in light vehicle sales and exports

Nissan excels in light vehicle sales and exports

MEXICO - Nissan Mexicana's performance during the first month of 2024 is characterized by a solid performance in the areas of sales, production and export of light vehicles.

The Japanese company reported in January 2024 a total of 19,970 light vehicles sold, registering an increase of 16.5% over the same period of the previous year, when it marketed 17,147 units.

Despite this growth, Nissan's market share decreased slightly from 18.16% in January 2023 to 17.81% in 2024.

General Motors ranked second with 15,459 units sold and a market share of 13.7%, followed by Volkswagen with 10,695 units and a market share of 9.05%.

In percentage terms, the 16.5% growth positioned Nissan as the fourteenth fastest growing brand in year-on-year comparison.

Luxury brands, such as Land Rover, Infiniti and Porsche, topped the list of highest growth. Excluding premium segment brands, General Motors, Mitsubishi and Volkswagen were the fastest growing brands, with increases of 48.2%, 42.3% and 40.6%, respectively.

In the general context of the automotive industry in Mexico, 112,099 units were sold in January 2024, reflecting a growth of 18.73% compared to the same period of the previous year.

In January 2024, the Japanese company stood out in vehicle production by manufacturing a total of 56,567 units, experiencing a significant growth of 25% compared to the same period of the previous year, when it assembled 45,237 vehicles.

Despite this increase, Nissan is positioned as the second largest vehicle producer in Mexico, being surpassed by General Motors, which produced 67,335 units in the same period.

The third position in vehicle production in January 2024 corresponds to Stellantis, which integrates the Chrysler and FIAT brands, with a total of 37,617 units manufactured.

Together, these three companies account for more than half of Mexico's vehicle production, reaching 52.59% of the total production percentage (21.92% General Motors, 18.42% Nissan Mexicana, 12.25% Stellantis).