Nissan Mexicana launches its own fleet to optimize logistics with its dealers

Nissan Mexicana launches its own fleet to optimize logistics with its dealers

MEXICO - In order to optimize logistics processes to continue providing exceptional quality and fulfill the promise of delivery to the more than 230 distributors of the brand nationwide, Nissan Mexicana is proud to be the first automaker in the region to have its own fleet of transport for finished vehicles.

In this way and firm in continuing to promote innovation in each of the procedures, Nissan's fleet consists of 101 tractor-trailers called godmothers; in addition, with the incorporation of these transports have added 150 direct jobs that enrich the lives of people.

Nissan Mexicana has an expert logistics team that is key to the competitiveness of Nissan plants, the achievement of the acquisition of these trucks is derived from the trust that customers have placed in the brand.

"It is thanks to our customers and the growing demand for our models that we implement actions that streamline the effectiveness of our processes in order to offer vehicles with the highest quality,' said Joan Busquets, vice president of

Busquets added that Nissan not only ensures that the transformation is reflected in its products and services, through technology, safety, equipment and connectivity, but also in the production and logistics process to ensure the highest quality and on-time delivery to the satisfaction of the customers.

With more than 60 years in the market, Nissan has created an indelible mark in the country's automotive history.

Currently, Nissan Mexicana's manufacturing plants in Aguascalientes A1, Aguascalientes A2 and the CIVAC plant in Morelos, highlight the brand's heritage through the implementation of different technologies that allow for a total production capacity of up to 2,369 units per day.