Nissan reaches 150 million vehicles produced worldwide; see how Mexico contributed

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. announced it has reached a new milestone with 150 million vehicles produced globally. It took 73 years for Nissan to produce its first 100 million vehicles after the company was founded in 1933, and another 11 years to build the last 50 million. 

When Nissan reached the 100 million vehicle milestone in 2006, 76.5% of the total vehicles had been produced in Japan. Localization of production accelerated in the past 11 years, during which 76.5% of the 50 million Nissan vehicles were made outside Japan. 

According to Nissan, 16.2 million cars or 10.9% were made in the U.S., which is the country with the second biggest production share after Japan. The U.S. is followed by Mexico and China, both with a 7.9% share or 11.85 million vehicles.

Nissan operates three assembly plants and one research and development center in Mexico. Two plants are located in Aguascalientes and one in Morelos. The Morelos site, founded in 1966, was Nissan’s first assembly plant outside Japan.


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