Nissan to invest US$700 million in Aguascalientes

Nissan to invest US$700 million in Aguascalientes

AGUASCALIENTES – The Government of the State of Aguascalientes announced on its social networks that the automotive company Nissan will invest US$700 million in an expansion and diversification project in the state.

"This will be reflected in more jobs and a greater economic spillover for our state in the short, medium and long term," refers the state government's profile.

This investment project is the result of the working tour that Governor Tere Jiménez undertook to the Japanese country.

"I am grateful for the trust they have placed in Aguascalientes. We want to continue forming bonds of friendship and economic relations; you should know that we have sufficient human resources, trained and of great quality," said the governor.

Without further details from official sources, the details of the aforementioned project are unknown, except that Nissan will venture into the production of vehicles with new technologies in the state.

However, a press release published by Nissan (dated February 8) announced that the company in Mexico would start production of a new model for Renault Group, although it did not specify which of its plants in Aguascalientes and Morelos would be in charge of this initiative.

In December of last year, the Japanese company revealed the renewal of the second generation Nissan Versa through an investment of US$48 million in the A1 plant, located south of the city.