NL signs collaboration agreement with Laredo to boost border potential

NL signs collaboration agreement with Laredo to boost border potential

NUEVO LEON - Trade and economic authorities of the state of Nuevo Leon carried out a work tour in Laredo, Texas, where a memorandum of understanding was signed between both parties to carry out projects to benefit the border area.

Representatives from different sectors of the Laredo Chamber of Commerce highlighted the benefits that are already reflected thanks to the increase in the daily crossing of more than 6,000 cargo units through the border bridge that connects with the Colombian border.

In addition, during the meeting they highlighted the implementation of tax incentives to attract nearshoring and the benefits that will support the growth of the Colombia bridge with its early expansion of toll booths from 8 to 16 lanes and security.

The signing of the memorandum of understanding took place at the Paseo Real event hall, where, in addition to state authorities from both cities, customs officials and members of the recently created Logistics Cluster were present.

The agreement for the expansion of the International Bridge will include the development of projects of renowned firms, which will change the outlook of the border port of Colombia and Laredo. It is also projected to increase trade in the short term and put it on track to become the most important port in Colombia for global trade.

Simultaneously, the corridor that connects the Monterrey metropolitan area to Colombia will promote the growth of the municipalities near Anáhuac, NL. Representatives of the Laredo Chamber of Commerce acknowledged that this growth of the border bridge has been expected for 25 years.